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Dr. Joe Ryan

I am a self-employed construction worker. It is important for my body to be operating at its best ability, because if I am not able to work, I can't make any money. Dr. Joe Ryan helps me keep my body running at top speed. Usually, I see Dr. Ryan every 3-4 weeks for what he calls a maintenance visit. Basically, he makes small adjustments to make sure my body is functioning properly. These appointments are quick and simple, but they allow me to work hard every day free of nagging pains.

There have been occasions where I have injured my back to the point that I could hardly move. In just a few sessions, Dr. Ryan had me up and running again. What I appreciated the most though, was that he didn't try to drag out the treatments for weeks and weeks and cost me money that I didn't need to spend. He fixed the problem and then we went back to our regular maintenance appointment schedule. This showed me that he was more concerned with my health than my money, and it's the reason I go to him and no one else!

Thanks Dr. Ryan

-Mike Lickel

Chiropractic care has helped my children and myself maintain healthy lifestyles. I started seeing Dr. Ryan while pregnant with my second child. He has adjusted me through two pregnancies, my oldest child (6) since she was a young toddler, and my next two, a daughter (4) and son (6 mo), since birth. We are seen monthly even if something isn't bothering us for our maintenance. I can count on my hands the number of times my children (all 3 together) have been to the doctor for something other than their well checks. We know that Dr. Ryan and our chiropractic care keep us "in line" and healthy!

Thanks so much for your excellent care,



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